Another Day, Another Project!

So a few weeks ago my five-year old daughter and I were browsing through the TJ Maxx isles. (I swear I can get lost in that store for hours looking and buying stuff we don’t really need…..) Anyway, we were in the pillow aisle and my daughter starts freaking out for this super cute pillow.  It is dark blue with white embroidered flowers and its a tube-shaped pillow.  The thing was gorgeous!! Anyway it was $25 for ONE pillow….. Yeah, I’m not paying that for something my daughter will probably like for all of ten minutes.  So I tell her that we can make one for her.  She was MAD!  I got to hear all the excuses: you can’t make that exact one, it won’t look like that, it’s too hard for you to make, BUT I love that one!  Needless to say I held my ground (for once) and we left the store pillow-less.  I convinced her that we could make a cuter one with any fabric she choose at the fabric store.  An hour later we were on our way home to make a pillow.  Which starting on it took me a few days longer than I would have liked.  I made this all from my head in what I thought the design should be like.  It was fun to see it turn out.  It is actually a lot longer than I would have liked but she now enjoys chasing our dog and trying to beat her with it….. (not hard of course, back off PETA!!)


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