Swirly Girly Skirt

My daughter, Miss K absolutely loves skirts and twirling around.  I think all little girls love to do this!  One night when I was sitting in bed with her and reading blogs she looked over and started squealing.  She saw the cutest skirt on a site and begged me for two days to make her one.  We took a trip to the fabric store and she picked out her favorite fabric (Barbie).  I set to work on it the next day and to my relief it was the most simple thing to make!  Very fast too.  Miss K came home from school to this adorable little skirt and grinned from ear to ear.  She loves it so much, which makes this momma happy!  If you have a little girl, know a little girl, or even for bigger girls and adults, I suggest trying out this skirt tutorial as it is now one of my favorites!! I only used a yard to make it so it cost me $4, pair it with leggings and it is amazing. All credit for this cutie goes to: Make it and love it.  Thanks so much for the wonderfully explained tutorial! I’m addicted to all the awesomeness on your site!


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